Photo: Jonas Beyer Petersen 

Photo: Jonas Beyer Petersen 

About Kaisa

Kaisa has studied Graphic design and Economics in Finland. Through her years at the University she traveled a lot and her goal was to visit 100 countries before the age of 25. She reached 70 and realised that she was more interested on places where you can photograph nature than experience big city lifestyle. Her love for wildlife photography truly emerged when she first visited Tanzania in 2010 at the age of 20. She photographed animals, but never actually went on a photography trip until 2015 when she started to take wildlife photographing more serious as the University was coming to an end.

Kaisa joined the Sony family in 2017 and started to work as a Sony European Imaging Ambassador.

At the University Kaisa studied business law and marketing, but didn’t find her true passion in the business world. She has focused on volunteer work and conservation and at the moment is a board member in:

She is always open for different kind of projects regarding conservation & photographing and has at least 5 projects running at the same time – all the time. 


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