2011 The Gambia & Senegal

When I was younger I did some youth work in the Scout Movement and also in the YMCA Finland. In 2010 I was asked to join a YMCA internationalization group which goal was to connect young people around the world and I was very excited about it. With the group I traveled to Prague, Czech Rebublic and to Kiev, Ukraine but the longest trip was to The Gambia where Finnish YMCA has a project to help the locals.

These have been taken with my old gear, so the quality of the pictures is what it is. 

In The Gambia we learned the local projects and did some collaboration with them. We learned about their culture and made new friends with the local YMCA people.

We also visited Senegal where I was able to photograph some wildlife during a safari.


I found myself back in Africa only a year later from my first wildlife debut. And once again I learned that this continent was quickly stealing a part of my heart.